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• Failing Forward
• Learned Helplessness
• Trusting God in Trials  (instructor's notes)
• How to be More Motivated than an Olympic Champion
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• Do you know the One who
  makes life worth living? 
Find out more about knowing God personally.

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•  Read Jack Hayford's Foreword
   to the best-selling book, This Was Your Life!
   (Jack Hayford purchased 2,000 copies.)
"The skilled approach taken by Rick Howard and Jamie Lash to this awe-inspiring theme is peculiar in this respect:  It is both entertaining and frightening..."   Continue

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•  Get to know Jamie Lash & family 
    "I grew up as an atheist.  I had no clue why I was alive."  

•  Dozens of brief but impactful articles...
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TOPICS INCLUDE: The Fear of  Man, The Snare of Comparison, Responding to False Accusations, God's Cure For Shame, The Way To Happiness & True Greatness, and many more!

•  Read Rick Howard's life-changing story!
The story that inspired the book, This Was Your Life! has been shared in more than 80 countries!  Read chapter one online now!

•  Find true freedom in Christ!
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•  Keys to successful time management!
Learn how to multiply your effectiveness & reduce your stress!  Goal setting, planning, delegating and much more!

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•  Hear lifestyle evangelism ideas that work!
   Over 90% of Christians were led to Christ
   through a friend or family member.

After class, over coffee, or playing tennis
— Learn how to
turn everyday activities into opportunities to share Christ.

•  Movies, TV & Music Reviews
   From Focus on the Family!

Christian perspectives on pop culture. Free reviews
of movies, videos & DVDs, television & music.



Hear "Overcoming



Hear "Overcoming

Frustration & Anger"




Hear "Overcoming Stage Fright/ Humility@Work



“This message jolted me with a dramatic glimpse of eternity.  It has shaped my life and rescued me from misspent years.”
— John Dawson,  Best-selling author & President of YWAM

"I read about half of the book and I wept and I wept and I wept.  It has really washed over my soul.  That book actually revolutionized my life.  I don't know how many copies I've given away."
— Thelma Wells, Women of Faith Conference Speaker

“This message was what my soul needed now--not only to be better prepared to meet my Savior, but to be motivated in a greater, more solid way, to work for Him.”
— Loren Cunningham, Past President of YWAM

"Wonderfully written and Christ-centered.  From the very first page to Booth's vision, it is a compelling book." 
— Rick E. Amidon, President, Baker College of Muskegon





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